Well this is kind of a redundant thread but just because this stuffs like falling off a log for me who knows who may learn something from some pics of transplanting.

First I place 10 in the trey I carry in. I water all plants well so to prevent shock and I carry em down to the open garage we have.

Spreading all the pots out I place 2 shovel fulls of my super soil in the bottom of each 7 gallon pot. I then fill each container with Roots Soil as it passed the test and this is a lot easy as I have to make a lot less Super soil.

Once all are full Agent –13 Apollo dog inspects to make sure I did it properly and I then scoop out a whole and place the plants down snug inside there new homes cover pack and load 16 up the steps ( OH by Back) and shuffle them into the veg room. ( 18/6)