Our friend H.O.G. challenged me to begin 24/24 indoor veg in mid January for 60 days then to kick the ladies outdoors in mid March, so I have 8 females which have gone thru this process and are outdoors, short of the Connie and WW which were in harms way last week which came back indoors.

I will be taking photos of the different strains, Asian Slore, Killer Queen x Petrolia Headstash, Green Giant x Green Giant feminized, Conquistadore, and White Widow. I also have 5 SS Chronics, 2 DNA Mean Martian Green's, 4 Empress, and a G13bx in the second wave, started indoors 3 weeks ago and shoved outside a few days ago for a very long VEG. I will document this menagerie as I like VARIETY .