Hi Guys,

Just a short thread to announce that the Queijo Seeds stock delay is down to us having a problem in the UK with a stock holder, so we have replenished BreedBay's stocks of our lines from southern Europe direct. This stock will be with BBay in a couple of days and distribution back to normal.

This problem is nothing to do with BBay, we are more than 100% happy with the team heres efforts to keep the seed business clean and stocks getting to customers fast and reliably. Really impressed for sure!

To all people waiting for seeds we have also sent along some freebies to go out with those orders. Some 'Oldschool' '90s Northern Lights x Haze #1 and some Colombian Gold x Haze #1, both amazing Sativa doms.

The seed distribution issue wont be happening again as we are so happy with BBay we going to stock them right up with all our lines. Should be fun seeing some of the pure sats being grown!

Peace all, Queijo