Well if you have followed my how to threads on Soil making, Topping, Transplanting, Plant bondage then you will love these pictures. This is the Subcab and its full to the max. We have a lovely assortment loaded in this full 11 x 5 area, its kinda crowded in there but your looking at 2 Apollo-13's, 2 Space Queen C's, Tiny Bomb, Jacks Cleaner, JTR, Soul Cleaner, and JCB.

The hoods are almost raised to max in the rear and I have added a additional 400 MH in the center of the two 1000 watt hoods. I am also happy to have a full room of Sinsemelia as I have nothing seeded this round. We have our SQ male in the veg room and we will load up next run but for now its all about summer stash for Jill me and our patients.

Were on day 31 here and it's hard to believe Soul Cleaner will be done in only 20 days and Tiny Bomb is actually ready before this. I won't to max out the small wonder an go past 50 with her so when I meet with Bog in may I can put the red eye on him.