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    Thread: reefman's new cab

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      Default reefman's new cab

      Well, I finally got the time and all the parts to start putting my cab together. The cab was donated to me by a friend, it's a little weathered, but will work all the same. Today I was able to make the stanley blower work fo rthe space. I had to custom make the exauhst foe it as I couldn't find any vents the correct size to fit. Also, I was going to use some expanding foam to seal it, but the can I bought was a dud and I wasn't going to waist the time going back and getting another one. So instead, I used some ducting tape that I had, this stuff is super duty.

      I had to cut the vnt in half and make it fit the 4" tubing that will be used. Then for the intake, I took a 6-4" reducer and cut flanges to make it sit flat against the blower. I used weather stripping and more ducting tape to seal it all. Then for some sound proofing, I used some foam I had sitting around from an old matress top. With the fan on high, tou can barley even hear it with your ear to the cab.

      For intake, I used 6 2" abs elbows. Not sure if this will be enough, but if I need more I will add it. Then I used some emergency blanket for a reflector and glued it to all the surfaces. The only thing I have left to do is make the cool tube, mount the light, and install the ducting. I'm leaving this weekend for vacation so I won't be doing that untill I get back because the light is being used for the current grow and I want to be around and make sure everything is ok.

      Oh, by the way, the light for this will be a 400w hps. If you see anything that I overlooked or think should be changed, please don't be affraid to voice yourself. This is my first cab and have not experience with them. 'Till the next time, thanks for looking.

      Forgot to mention, the cab is 32"wx20"dx80"h. I think it is the equvilent to a c22 or 24? Not sure, like I said, it was given to me.
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