Champagne X Space Queen

Another famous Canadian Elite strain I have been trying to get my hands on this clone only strain for years and Badboy finally scored her for us. To make her our own we have out crossed her to the Space Dude for a breeding pool for later projects here's your chance to grab the genetics before we even start working with them in cube fashion.
The Champagne is a favorite among bubble hash makers and a BC legend.
This is TGA's version.

Champagne with a few special seeds

You can see how large she is and to me she really resembles the growth pattern of genius and Apollo-13. That classic dreading podding and triangle shaped buds are typical of a super potent mutant.
I almost had this a few years back from some friends up in Bamph but it wasn't time I guess and fate brought her to us now.

You can see HG as usual isn't fucking around here with about a 4-5 zipp plant and its cooked to a golden crisp I'd say a perfect run nice fading awesome resin production and the smell is like a flat glass of Good Champagne or fruit wine.

The main reason I wanted this strain was to make some of it's famed bubble which is said has to be tried to believe it. I know Space Queen makes really great hash so the combination of the two should rock!

Few Day 23 Shots Of the Prize.

These should be availible very soon watch for a post by the big guy!