As some of you are aware we are currently testing out some new Digital Ballasts, which are made by sunmaster and deliver 15000 more lumens from a hps lamp compared to magnetic coil types...

Isnt that good ... Well yes and No...


it has been brought to my attention that when running these high frequency ballasts reflector lead is acting as an antena and emiting interference at 600hz which is very audible if you tune a radio in to this frequency range on MW... Not Good!

This could cause a number of problems the main problem being causing interference with your neighbors electrical equiptment ie tv, radio or any other device, which would obviously lead to your neighbor logging a complaint with the tv company or such like.. which in turn lead to a knock on yuor door if they come investigate and locate the inerference as coming from your house...!!

Be warned... I suggest if you intend to use a digital, test it for a few days with devices around your home, if causing any problems return it to where you bought it, we are offering 7 day tryouts withours so customers can assess level of problem, if any..