This strain has just been released to me from Team TGA and I couldn't be happier. The boys up north are really amazing me with there super healthy grows and management of f1 mother plants some 20 years old. I am proud to announce the creation of or latest strain from the origins of Dannyboy we give you Killer Queen X Space Queen aka Scarlet Queen ( Thanks to Home Grown for the name).

This proven combo was completed back before the storm and we are just finishing up the data and I received the Picture disk this week I have 7 other strains to show you but this one we have great info on and It's the one I want to start myself the most.

Killer Queen came to use when I started 12 seeds Vic High sent me back in the days you could still argue with him and I found several nice females ( back then we selected females only) and narrowed the field down to 3 I liked. The 3rd we don't care about it was culled and the finalist were a G-13 dominant that was potent as hell but tasted like crap to me ( I hate G-13) and one that had the flavor of mango candy.

Later a good friend Squid ( Hash Plant fame) who is famous for letting plants go to extremes and fond out that even though KQ is yummy and candy tasting at 56 past 63 she takes on a skunky smell and almost rotting fruit like undertone. Her potency goes way way up even though the flavor suffers a bit. We started taking her at 56 and another at 63 calling that stash Super mango. It will hit you very hard when left in bud this long.

The coloring your seeing is a trait that only shows up in cooler bud rooms so don't get all excited this coloring is more growers talent than strain specific. Homegrown kicks total ass! The pictures you see are also taken by him as well. If the style is familiar he shots with the same cam I used to use.