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    Thread: successful cuttings

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      Default successful cuttings

      I thought id do a thread on how i take cuttings, as a lot of people seem to have difficulty in this area.. it really is simple as long as a a few simple steps are taken..

      What will you need?

      1, Healthy Motherplant - ( a mother plant can be started from seed or cutting from a favourite plant , it (they) is(are) simply kept in a grow light cycle and used to take clones / cuttings from.

      it is a good idea to feed your mother with a bloom feed a few days before you take your cuts, the absorbed p and k will speed and increase the vigour of your new roots..

      A Healthy Motherplant

      2, prepare your area first - it is always advisable to be organised when growing to keep problems to a minimum, before you take any cuts firstly you will need to have the following items ready:

      • Propagator - preferably bottom heated.
      • grow light (fluorescent)- set to 18 hours on and 6 hours off
      • Rooting hormone - powder or gel is fine
      • Cup/jug/bucket of clean pH 6 water -
      • 1" cubes - rock-wool or root riot - see picture
      • Clean razor blade or scalpel - (Do Not Use scissors!*)
      • labels and Pen
      • 1L wet coco coir or clean damp small towel.

      *Scissors can crush the stem of your cutting causing a blockage resulting in a failed cutting.

      Getting started..

      setup your light above your propagator preferrably in a warm draft free environment where the only light source is your grow light. set your timer for your light to 18 hours on and 6 hours off.

      Line the propagator with your 1L of damp coco coir or wet your towel and line the bottom of your propagator with either.. this ensures 100% humidity and protects the fragile roots from the sometimes harsh propagator heat..

      mix a small amount of rooting gel/powder into your cup / jug / bucket of ph 6 water. this is to place your cuttings in directly after cutting from the motherplant- to stop any air being trapped in the stem which will result in dead cuttings.

      If your area is not as clean as you'd like then use a small amount of h202 - hydrogen peroxide in the water to sterilize the cuttings and kill any mould spores that may be present.

      (It is very humid inside a propagator so cleanliness is IMPORTANT as any mould, fungal spores inside the propagator will multiply rapidly causing damage to the cutting before it is rooted and eventually be consumed by the fungus.)


      1st select the best growth tips that you can from your mother, try to keep the same amount of nodes* on each cut to ensure uniform sized cuttings once planted.

      (internodes are the spaces in between branches off the main stem)

      when taking the cut, try to cut just under a node ( where new branch forms) as this is a hormone rich area which will revert to rooting faster than a bare stem, the more nodes under the cube will mean more vigorous roots.

      take as many cuttings as will fit into your cup or jug of water comfortably without cramming them in, i usually take 10 at a time and repeat the process until i have required amount.

      Next , now you have a number of soaking clones ready to be prepared for placing into your rooting hormone.

      Simply take each cut and gently - Gently- scrape the outer waxy skin from the stem to allow faster absorption of rooting hormone..

      Then slice 2-3 cm off the bottom of your cut using a diagonal cut to expose as much fresh stem as possible.

      Next place into your rooting hormone, if using gel, leave standing for a minute or so before placing into cube....

      Now place into your 1" cube and then into the propagator, lebel your tray so you know which cuts are which when you come back to them a week or so later, especially if you have taken different strains the same day.

      If you are taking a large number of cuts, it is a good idea to trim the fan leaves to stop overcrowding and cut down the risk of mould growth due to lots of wet leaves touching each other in your propagator.

      Propagator without coco coir....
      forgot the coir, however I added it the next day...

      I personally do not open the lid at all during the first 5 days, then i will simply open both vents and blow into 1 and allow co2 to fill the propagator and close the vents, a couple of days later you will see the first sign of roots..

      Hope this is of some help....

      Last edited by pistils; 29th November 2011 at 12:39 AM.

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