Hypothetically speaking, if a person wanted to get into the bean biz/movement,even and probably including relocation, even from an entry level position,i.e. janitor or clerk in shop, what is the best advice to accomplish this? And where to move to, knowing the probable top 3 discussed places to go? Now this is hypothetical, but here are some more details; and please any response not complete pipe dream, as honestly requesting intelligent replies: 30-40, legal as in always paid taxes, solo with dog, not much overhead as in just living expenses, have some assets to liquidate that were inherited, couple of properties, and vehicles, between 1000K and 150,000K, no felonies ever, good work record with a few diff vocations; just want to spend next 20+ yrs as happy as possible with a certain vision, not necessarily looking over shoulder every day, you know, just a quiet happy existance. I, as a skeptic am losing faith in vision, so I want to hear some feedback and/advise and again, just for a minute be halfway serious if possible No really , just this once.