Hey everyone, I sure could use some advice on setting up my flower room. My original plan was to use my spare bedroom as a grow room. I bought a Hydrohut to be able to run a 12/12 flower cycle, and the ease of tear down but, due to power and possible security considerations, I decided to move the hut out to my family room.

I have a 30 Amp 220V circuit not being used, my washer uses 110 and the dryer is gas, so I googled step up/down transformers/regulators. I found one rated for 3000W for about $130 USD plus shipping. I have a 1KW HPS PL Light with an air cooled hood and plan on running a 6" Vortex 449 CFM into a charcoal filter for odor control. For humidity control I'll use a dehumidifier/humidifier and a couple of fans (1 for upper and 1 for lower canopy). I'm placing the hut right by a wall mounted air conditioner so I hope I can use that to alleviate heat though, if needed, I can put a portable inside. The dimensions are, 4'2"Wx8'2"Lx7'H and its designed to hold 2 lights . I can get a couple of Al co2 tanks cheap so I eventual want to use enviremental control. I have access to a 20A and a 15A circuit but those have to be shared with other appliances.

I make a decent wage and we're working a lot of insane overtime so I have been blessed with the Denero to spend for quality products. Help me put together a top notch flower room. I'm growing as much organically as possible in soil (FF Ocean Forest, Light Warrior, EWC, and perlite mix) with Foxfarm nutes compost teas. I might experiment with building a krusty bucket down the road but plan on sticking with soil. My goal is to learn to grow beautiful plants. I'm not a commercial grower, but suffer from liver disease,insomnia and severe arthritus and want to grow my own meds. Some nice head stash is good too.

Would the 6" Vortex (just ordered a pack of those with some Black Cherry ) with 449 CFM be enough if I went for 2 1K lights or should I go bigger? Would an intake fan help or is that overkill?

Any recomendations on enviremental controllers? Any and all input is welcomed.

Peace, SC