Hi everyone just thought i,de start by introducing myself to you all i am a small time grower and have been growing for about five to six years still a beginner really.i am a member on other Cannabis boards that are very impressive but this has to be the best informative site i have ever been on. The breeding library is brilliant,i got so caught up in reading it i forgot to introduce myself here first lol.
hopefully i will be getting some of Subcools genetics soon i thought i could have gotten some of Plan Bs seeds aswell but i have no clue to where they have went now but i,m sure i will find them soon i thought they might be here.
I am going to be germing some (Serious seeds) crosses i have made from they,re (Power plant and Chronic)and hopefully i,lle get something good out off that i will also be working with The Female Seeds Companys (Arjans Haze,The Church and Arjans Strawberry Haze) aswell.Anyways it great to be part of this cool community and i hope i can have a peaceful and happy stay here with yous all and learn abit from the pros here aswell. i am looking forward to be a member here for as long as yous have me.
Regards Zero Zero