Guys, I just gotta say, and its only my opinion, but I will not be renewing my HT subscription after it runs out. Not wanting to argue, but for the price, I understand they are trying to be "hip", you can tell with the nice glossy ads and photos, but honestly, I see just as good a pics on here, get better grow info,don't have to wade thru a million 1-900 ads, and for the most part, the main big hydro stores we all know anyway, I see nothing really new or great or anything, just filler. They print some of the most stupid questions that i have to wonder if its not the old time penthouse deal where the editors sit around and become 'wriiters"LOL submit the stories. And all that bullshit legal herb, if I wanted that Id go to a lot less trouble and puff on a cigar or grette. But my main comment bout this is the THMQ this month. Now I been on these forums awhile, both silent and vocal, and Ive never been way deep involved in any kind of commercial operation, ok, but they show some prices Ive just got to print and see what feedback I get: Now I will comment, Im in mid USA and Ive heard the high dollar ozzie prices on Wall Street and even supposedly in Chicago and such.BUT!! also have a couple good articles still, I liked the Ron Jeremy one, but I don't get high times to check out the porn industry awards in vegas(already been once,wow), but i guess the centerpuss deal is ok, but does anyone remember the 70's-80's HT's that had that Mother Earth News look. And nuttin but grow stuff. Ok $500 for NYCD in New York, $650 for SuperSilverHaze(i have been lookin at that, beans are way cheaper)New York, Blueberry in Omaha-$700, OMG, lol Blue Sat in ATL,GA $895. Hold on, fell out of chair, back in. now as ozzie prices, I just want to know or see some sort of proof those arent made up and someone is paying that.. also nice morrocan field pics, but this aint your old Gold high times that for sure. Just sayin