Hey peeps, just wanted to start my first BB grow show.

I havent grown for well over 6 months now, due to a little accident I had whilst riding my motorbike. Things are as good as they're gonna get now, so I decided it was time to start up again.
I usually only grow one strain at a time so I can concentrate specifically on knowing that strain, without having to juggle the likes and dislikes of a number of different strains at once. I find it easier that way, I was going to do a kush run, running 3 different kush strains for this new grow, but I just couldnt break my old habit lol, so I'll do those another time, following the one strain at a time pattern.

For this grow I decided to grow out Hindu Kush, from Sensi Seeds. I've read about sensi sometimes coming from old stock and having germination issues, so I chucked all 15 seeds into a tupperware container using the paper towel method. All the beans bar 2 cracked after 48 hours, which was initially promising, but only 7 went onto to grow significant tap roots. The others sprouted and then ceased to do anything, eventually turning brown and dying, I dubbed these "aborts". I was a little disapponted as the germ rate was about the 50% mark and I usually hit 95-100%.
I planted the 7 good sprouts in a mixture of 60-40% compost to perlite, all have broken soil and 2 are trifoliates. They are now under a 400w HPS 24 hours a day.
As I was banking on 10 plants, I broke the mould a little and decided to crack some of Reeferman's Great Garberville to make up the numbers. I've always used the paper towel method in the past, and thought id try something different for a change, so I put 6 GG straight into jiffy peat pellets inside a heated propagator alongside some veg im germing to see how that works out. Hopefully they will all break soil in the next few days or so.

I'll update with pics when things start happening.