Hello to all the wonderful members of Breedbay! Just wanted to do an introduction thread for the brand new Garden Design & Setup forum that Pistils has asked me to moderate. Thanks, P!

I am truly excited about moderating this forum as the focus of my interest in gardening (besides the lovely bud itself) is in the design of growrooms as well as all the gear that can be added to enhance the room's efficiency. You see, I'm a "Gear Head"! There, I admit it. I guess the first step to a cure is acceptance of the problem right? Nah, what problem? lol

Anyway, I have plans to feature threads on various and sundry topics that will include growroom design itself, lighting, ventilation, growing accessories and other "gadgets" that claim to make our lives in the garden easier and more successful. These endeavors MAY admittedly take me beyond the bounds of this forum into areas such as: Soil/mediums, nutrients and amendments among other things. With new products and concepts coming down the pike all the time, there should be no shortage of great topics to discuss the merits and deficiencies of.

Historically, this is an area that often gets overlooked on many cannaboards but rest assured that I plan to get this forum "kickin' ass" in a quick way but I need your help too. I encourage everyone to post up and get involved in these threads to both learn from and pass on your knowledge for other to benefit from. So, I'll be counting on my BBay brothas and sisters to help me make the Garden Design & Setup forum the best of it's kind on the net!