****Warning do not fuck around I am a professional Cannabis consumer just 1 of these cookies has been known to make someone not used to it see shit, The added Kief PB could be the kcock out blow. While Cannabis can not kill you eating to much can make you wish you were dead instead~~~

Ok so I love making these things for a good long nights sleep. The oils in the peanut butter are great for washing off your hands after trimming removing all the resins quite easily. I didn't want to lick my hands but it gave me and idea!!

First we need some cookies..

Not just any cookies though these were made by my very own Cannabis Goddess MzJill.

So we take the said cookies and apply the worlds greatest invention.

But then we do something old George Washington Carver never thought of in his wildest dreams. Or maybe thats how he came up with all the great ideas :eeek:

Finally we mix in the kief well to break down the resins well

And wala a Subwich bet you can only eat one ...

Good Night