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    Thread: Conqiustadore in Heat!

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      Default Conqiustadore in Heat!

      OY! Here are 2 pheno's I started 55 days ago (a T.G.A. Conquistadore pheno and a lanky Nirvana White Widow pheno; cut me some slack here, HA!) , then transplanted outdoors about 2 weeks ago. While out watering them in the late evening, I saw a dude and his ol' lady comming down the sort of path area which would have put them right on top of my 4 plant grow

      I stood up and made my presence known and dude about shit his pants, HA! It looked like he was gonna show his girl the weed plants he had recently found and I derailed his trip right then and there. He said, 'You scared the shit out of me' and I asked if he was doing something wrong? He asked me something else and I told him that I was walking my pitbull and that he should be going somewhere else as she was 'off leash' , so they booked...
      I peddled my bike home, got my car and reconnoitered their whereabouts and waited until they went to a house.

      I then set up 4 seven gallon pots and dug up the 2 largest plants which are in flower, put them in the car and delivered them to my safehouse for treatment under 600 watts H.P.S., air cooled. I used 2 pots/plant with mychozzial innoculant squirted into the rootballs and soaked down the bottom pot surfaces. Then I cut the bottoms
      off the primary pots and eased them onto the secondary pots so the plants could extent their roots another 12+" downward. I will go back for the other two plants later on when I figure out where they will go live out the rest of their cycles. I had some viable pollen in storage so I hit a budcluster on Connie just a few hours ago to make some seeds to play around with later on. Also, I had 'topped' these two at the 6th internode a few weeks ago just to see what would happen.

      This was too close for comfort and I have to remember that there are others out there who would love to find a flowering hashplant free for the taking as well as other high grade indica/sativa crosses which I have labored to cultivate with alot of love and patience. It's just part of the DEAL... I used this particular grow area last year, very successfully, but change is manditory in this GAME.

      I saw a vine which crossed the entry way to my clandestine grow area had been disturbed when I went to do this watering and my 6th sence told me that shit was up, you know? I am just glad that I was there at the right time and menacing enough (just an act) to thwart the interloper.
      It is good to be able to 'AD-LIB' when the shit goes down; it keeps you sharp and on top of your game, BIGTIME! I believe in what I am doing and am taking care of my MED provision as well as several others whom I have a heart for. I keep my Karma in balance and am grateful that my one and only CONNIE is safe for the duration of her life! More to follow as these girls bulk up. Peace
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