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    Thread: Rusty to redish spots on leaves in light intense areas

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      Default Rusty to redish spots on leaves in light intense areas

      Greetings everyone. I hope someone can confirm or refute what is going on with my plants. First let me answer the questions to give a little background:

      Are you growing breeder genetics or bagseed? Seeds produced by me from selected bagseed parents.

      Are you plants from seed or clone? Seed

      How old are your plants total? 3 months 2 weeks (2 months 3 weeks in pictures)

      Are your plants in flower? Yes

      How big are the plants (in height and # of nodes)? Started with 6 plants. Four turned out to be female. Males were removed. All plants were topped in vegetative stage at node 6. Females range in height from about 4.5 feet to 5.5 feet (1.4 to 1.7 meters).

      What type of soil/medium are you using and what is its makeup? Hydroponic system (GH Ecogrower DWC/recirculating drip). Hydroton clay pebbles in 6 inch net pots with coco liners.

      When was the last transplant? Young seedlings (less than 4 days old) were transplanted directly into the hydroton.

      Chemical or organic fertilizer? GH 3-part Flora Series. Cal-Mag at 5ml per gal. Floralicious Grow (5ml/gal veg stage). Floralicious Bloom (5ml/gal bloom stage). Budswell bat guano 0.01-0.10-0.01 (anywhere from 5ml/gal to 18ml/gal more recently). Since the spots were noticed, I obtained some GH Kool Bloom and I have been adding this at about 8ml/gal.

      How frequently do you water and how much do you use? Reservoir is checked daily and topped off. Res changes have typically been at 1 week intervals, but in the past 2 weeks, I have been changing every 4 to 5 days.

      Are you using tap water or reverse osmosis/filtered water? Tap water. TDS = 120

      What is the pH of your water/nutrients? Tap water pH = about 7.5 to 8. pH is checked at the end of the light cycle every day. At that time it is usually about 6.3. I add GH pH down to bring it to about 5.5 or 5.6.

      Have you seen any bugs in your garden? Low numbers of small gnats that are controlled using sticky strips.

      What size light are you using? Veg stage: 240 watts fluorescent tubes with 136 watts of compact fluorescent light. Bloom stage: 400W Hortilux HPS with 128 watts compact fluorescent light in dark areas where HPS can not reach.

      Are there any light leaks outside your grow space? No

      How far away from the tops of the plants is your light(s)? This is my first hydroponic grow using a HPS. Plants have gotten MUCH bigger than I have anticipated. Next time, I will have to use clones or try ScrOG. Most of the tops of the plants are under the HPS and range in distance from the lens from about 12 inches to 3 inches (8 cm to 30 cm). Some of the tops of the plants have grown beyond my ability to keep them under the HPS. They are growing towards the ceiling, and I am providing light to them by using compact fluorescents. I am also using compact fluorescents at about 1/2 the plant height to provide light to darker areas.

      How big is the room they are in? About 100 square feet (about 10 square meters)

      What are the temperatures in your grow space (lights on and lights off)? Dark cycle 68 to 72 degrees F typically. Beginning of light cycle about 72 degrees F. End of light cycle about 80 degrees F.

      What is the humidity in your grow space? Ranges from 55% to 65%.

      Is there adequate ventilation for the plants? Room is heated/cooled with central system and air is circulated using Can Filter 33 with air being blown from floor to ceiling.

      This is my first hydroponic grow, and I am definitely learning. The plants were vegetated for about 4 weeks with fluorescent light (18/6) and then switched to 12/12 HPS. The plants have increased in height from about 1.5 feet (0.5 meters) to there current height of about 5 feet (1.5 meters). The plants have aggressively grown under the light of the HPS, and buds in close proximity to the CF bulbs grow decently well. About 5 weeks into flowering I began to notice these rusty spots on these fan leaves. These spots occur on leaves that are closest to the light (within 12 inches of HPS or 3 inches of a compact fluorescent). These leaves range in age from about 1 to 3 weeks old. Leaves in less light (lower to mid portions of the plants) do not at all exhibit any signs of this.

      The following pictures show the spots. In one picture you see a larger fan leaf about 12 inches from the HPS. In the second picture you see smaller fan leaves behind the bud that are about 3 inches away from a compact fluorescent. These pictures were taken about 2 weeks ago.

      I believe that high light areas create more of a demand for nutrients on these sections of the plants. I belive that these areas are requiring more Phosphorus. I purchased some GH Kool Bloom and began to change the reservoir every 4 to 5 days. The spots appear to have slowed in occurrence, but they still occur. I believe I put myself in quite a bind by not ScrOG-ing these plants, and now that they are beyond my control, I have essentially created these high light and low light areas yielding quite an imbalance of light.

      Let me know if I am on the right track or if there is something else I need to do.
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