No, it's not a's just my pet (plant?) name for her. Remember my first grow? Well today I smoked the first of the buds I took two days ago. Yeah she was a little wet and picked probably about 5 - 7 days before I would have liked but time is of the essence. Oh crap. I didn't take a picture of those lil buds. I'll take pics after my baby has finished drying or at least as much as she can before I must pack it all up and hit the road.

How's she taste? Really freakin good! I am kinda surprised. I thought being bagseed and being burnt most of her life in miracle grow soil that surely she would have a harsh chemical flavor. No such thing. I guess the 6 hour flushing I gave her a few days prior really made a difference. She has a nice mild fruity pine flavor. Almost minty in fact. Cherry/ Grapefruit on the inhale with a nice greeeen cool on the exhale.

She's nicely balanced too. I'm so proud. I'm stoned to the bone and feel like I should be up cleaning or packing or something hehe. Think I'll do that.

I'm so happy. Can't wait to taste the more ma ture buds.

I'll be back.