Hello all,

So I have been meaning to get a few pics up of a grow in process, but times have been busy and such. So now I am going to put up a few pics I have taken. Bear with me, as a photographer I am not. I should get a little better as time progresses though. Thanks for stopping in.

I am trying a soilless mix for the first time. I usually use rockwool or Hydroton, but I have been anxious to try some more organic-based fertilizers that are more suited to a soilless mix. I begin in starter plugs, then move to 5.5" kord square pots. From here the little girls will be transferred into 2 gallon nursery pots.

Light used is high output fluorescents in veg, 1000 watt HPS in bloom (secoond added later). Fertilizer regimen is very broad (another benefit of this setup). I am using a base of the Botanicare trifecta (Pure Blend Pro Bloom for Soil, Liquid Karma, and Cal-Mag Plus), and adding some other things from time to time. Some of the other products used are: GH Bio Bloom, Budswel, Earth Juice Catalyst, and an occasional shot of the appropriate Fox Farm supplement tri-pack.

In veg the plants are in a 2x4 tray, and in bloom a 4x4 tray. They are fed flood and drain style twice a day, with special mixes top fed by hand a couple of times per week. Here the plants are in veg: