Ok guys I'm sorry and If you don't want to see a rant about the decline of morals, skip this one. The headlines I was greeted with are very upsetting to me this morning, so here I go...


We have become a desensitized society.

Sex is used to sell everything now. Buy this cologne and the women will flock to you, drink this beer and you will be popular, this exercise machine will get you teenagers at 85. It's really getting rediculous. Have our morals slipped to the point that men and women have to start seeking out children to get a thrill?

Remeber George Carlin's list of seven dirty words that can't be said on TV? He was arrested several times in the 70's for saying them. Any time of the day now you can turn on the TV and here those words. Do people care? Not really, there's a disclaimer before the program. Do they care when a 4 year old tells an adult to fuck off? Not really, most think it's cute. But the media's influence doesn't stop there.

Now we come to violent acts against others... Every time we turn on the TV, or go to a movie we sit there and watch fantastic scenes of violence, people being shot, blown up, hacked to death, blood and gore all over the place. And then we turn our heads to keep from seeing the violence that this has created in our people. We have children killing children for their shoes, toys, over anything and somethimes for no other reason than they wear the wrong color of clothes. Spousal abuse, child abuse, elderly abuse, rape, murder, the list can go on and on... In most cases the abuser walks away free on a technicality, or can blame it on some "disease", or their parents spanking them as a child.

We have a world full of angry people, and most of them don't even know what they are angry about. They are fighting wars in the name of their Gods. They have just been given the right to pick a reason when they need it.

This has become a world of laying blame. I think it's time for us to take the blame for what we have created in our society and see if we can do better by the next generation. If we don't, I'm really afraid of who will be the leaders our nations in the few decades.

Now I'm going to smoke a doob and chill.