Wondering if this wouldn't be a great site to start a male depositry here and sell pollen from choice, known linage males.
Males are THE toughest part of the breeding of our lovable plant and something like this is long over due.
I understand the differances in the products ( seed vir pollen) and it seems to me that one could do well with it. It would change the way one would have to sell and grow plants, but still very do-able. A market such as it is, untapped and with ready willng numbers of growers wanting to make up fantasy strains. Using tried and true males with proven success ( such as those used to create the strains made famous here) could prove vary profitable and useful. Was this in the back of your mind the whole time too?

I've thought about this for a long time and when I saw your post about males, I thought I'd bring it up. Interested to hear what others think here.