Hi there!
Not sure if this is the right place to ask, so I apologize to the moderator if I post this in the wrong place.

My first post is more of a question for all of you North American Tokers out there.
I'm just starting to quit cigarettes, but like most Brit's, I smoke my beloved MJ the European way.
In a joint made with bush(or hash) mixed with cigarette tobacco.

SO- can anyone suggest 2 or 3 strains, that when they are dried and cured properly, really taste's great to smoke on their own.

Taste as never been an issue in the past, just yield, potency & sativa/indica.
In fact if taste ever played a part, it was the flavor of the hand rolling tobacco, not the weed.In researching the details of various strains over the years, many have been described as having fantastic tasting flavors, like Blueberries, Bubblegum, cotton-candy etc.I have always wondered if this was like TV Wine tasters, you know, the ones who can smell and taste all of these complex & wonderful aromas & flavors, but when you get the bottle home & open it,...... well it just taste of Wine!!!!!

Am I wrong? Do some of these strains really taste as good as they are described?
I have been looking at the Subcool Seeds recently, Jillybean for example looks absolutely delicious when you read the strain guides.

I know this all sounds strange to folks who have been smoking neat joints for years, but there are thousands of folks that mix Herb with tobacco in the UK alone.

Quitting Cigarettes will be one of the hardest thing I have ever done, but I refuse to give up the Herb.
Apart from the pure pleasure of smoking a joint with a hot beverage, cannabis has been beneficial to my health, an amazing tool for my Song writing & Film making and has made me a more gentle, empathic and intelligent person all round.

So I hope you guys can point me in the right direction and I look forward to making some new friends here.


Fat J