So I have been dealing with a flower cab that was just not deep enough. It is a nice 36" wide but only 20" deep.

Today that is about to change.

First I cut the expantion pieces and screwed them together with a bit of wood glue for insurance

Then I cut a piece of 1/4" board for the back and nailed it on. Then I applied a generous amound of caulking on the joints

I currently am using 5 2" wholes for passive intakes. I decided one more would be good and I can run my power in through one of them.

Then I applied the pretty shinny stuff. I only had enough to do the back and one side. I will pick up some more and stick it in the rest of the cab at a later date.

After the lights go on tonight I will remove the old back, Use a bit of liquid nail and secure the new piece to the cab. Stay tuned...