There have been so many postings about the tragic loss of Overgrow's Strainguide that I just can't sit on this any longer. After finishing the Overgrow GrowFAQ's for Breedbay, I had intended to start trying to recover the Overgrow Strainguide as well. However, in the internet scowerings that I've had to do to recover the FAQ's, I stumbled across GOLD, I tell ya . . . . . GOLD!

I found an obscure Dutch website that has the entire Overgrow Strainguide recovered but without the photos. Photos aren't quite as crucial for the Strainguide as they are for the GrowFAQ's, in my opinion, but all the breeder's descriptions of each strain and all of the grower's reports are all there! They have it catagorized by breeder and even more user friendly than it was on OG. It was just dumb luck that I found it.

So, without further adu, here is Overgrow's Strainguide that we have all so desperately missed. Kudos to the Hanflexicon folks for saving this valuable information for us and all the generations of growers to come!

Overgrow's Strainguide: (click link below)