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    Thread: What is a IBL?

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      Default What is a IBL?

      Exactly what is an IBL? (Inbreed Line)

      An IBL is a result in Inbreeding or in more simple terms crossing together two parents who share the same or similar genetic makeup. This can be done in a few ways such as Selfing, backcrossing, cubing or simple generative breeding program following a “F1” generation.
      To make a F1 we simply would cross a female with a male to achieve a “hybrid” F1 generation. A Hybrid is a result by crossing True Breeding Lines (TBL) or two unrelated parents, this is also known as a F1 generation.

      So let's say we take an Afghani female and cross her against a Thai male to make a “hybrid” since both of these parents are TBL's. Each Parent is known as P1 generation. We would take our new hybrid and germinate many seeds to select our parents from this F1 generation. By this time we would see the expressions in our phenotypes and would be able to see the best traits and create a goal with our desired traits. We next would cross this F1 generation together (F1 x F1) to produce a F2 generation. This F2 generation will express a variety of traits in this generation but since we have developed a taste for what our goal will be we will know what to select for to continue and produce our F3 generation. So you see how this pattern is developing by simply taking our offspring and continually repeating the process of inbreeding to develop further “F” generations.

      As we get into the F3 generation we really start begging to reinforce the properties desired in our goal and as the process continuous these properties rise in each “F” generation. Many consider a F6 generation to have a high frequency of our desired traits or specific gene. In reality it could go as far as a F20 generation to lock these traits down and become stable.

      There are many factors in this process which can make it a successful one or a failure. The best way to end up with a successful project is through selective breeding and using a wide pool to select from. We also must consider the factors of our selected traits and the factors of the dominant traits. What traits are you we looking for in our goal? How dominant is our desired trait? Choosing proper males can be very tricky since they do not display their traits.

      Exactly what is a TBL (True Breeding Line)

      A True breeding Line is a strain that has naturally or has been breed over time to produce identical offspring; these are attributed from homozygous traits. Often true breeding strains are strains of origin such as Afghani, Thai or Hindu Kush, etc... These have been grown and acclimated and are consider Pure Breeding strains. Many TBL's on the market are the stabilized hybrids such as skunk or haze to name a few. These hybrids have been stabilized for generations to breed true for their stability.

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