When i first started my favourite hobbie i wasnt that good and new nothing about the art but i thought i would try any ways

I made a mdf box with intake holes top and bottom placed 2 envirolites in the top and used a plastic bucket with a cat litter tray on top ov that with a hole in the center i drilled out earlier filled with claypebbles then i purchased a fish tank pump for 5 squid and put it at the bottom ov the bucket had tubing going up to drip on the cubes .

I pointed a desktop fan at the top intake holes starting air circulation and the stale air was pushed out the bottom (Ithink it did anywayz) it worled ok humidity was the hardest part to control i vegged it to long and had some over nute prob some nute lock out and underdeveloped roots bu it did work after a few more attempts i got it working a lot better i have changed it a touch here and there different lights fluros different containers and using deep water culture and drip im now using a flood and drain system a bit bigger than my earlier set ups and dehumidifier-humidiefiers fans and such and its just not as much fun as my closet days checking all day long on ya ladies watchihng them grow and waiting but now the fun has gone out in my new set up i have had to start a couple ov little box mother rooms just to be closer to my ladies.

But i thought i would post this to show beginers how u can start up with out spending loads n filling some one elses pockets
Its not like us heavy smokers every have any money any wayz
usaly just rizla and no ciggies

I dont know if i posted this in the right place but here u go guys im going to be following with my grow diary soon a blow by blow but im not going to start it untill i find the wire to me cam its not the same with out pics what seeds should i use

Im leaning towards the pinky(sputnik) or the jack the ripper


Im going to be buying the seeds next week and starting my new diary it will be my first and it will be a biggie im going to put em in my mum rooms and flower in me big veg room and flower some little bonsai as well in a smaller box just for fun ive got about 35 little ladies growing right now including mums and cuttings and some males to start my own breeding (I thought i would give it a go and have a dabble so stay tuned)

I have some diesel nyc and some stella blue and some chronic and some sensi star i want to add some ov subcools stock and his fam here as they look the best i have seen and the comments from happy customers r just flooding in on the site and the shops local so thats bonus
For the grow diary im thinking ov growing n soil prob organic well i prob want even use nutes in my mum room ill just use some phd water and some good soil vermulite and claypebbles added in for good measure and worm castings
so any tips on this would be great guys before the big show

This will be ny first grow diary and its going to be a blow by blow
I think ill do the above steps take cuts then put in to my big room and start with the nutes

But what i would allso like to know is will this have adverse effects using no nutes on mums and using nutes on the clones would the clones be use to low nute solution
Would the clones ov the clones ov the clones only suffer with this prob it hasnt happened to me yet but i was just wondering i have only done a clone ov a clone ov a clone as i heardtaking clones from clones damages the genetics ov the strain
but i also heard that it doesnt

Any help would be great as im starting in the next 2 weeks

Ill be going from seed growing mums taking cuttings and putting some in straight from seed bean numbers willing and germ rate willing but i have read glowing reports about the germ rates ov your seeds here so its going to be fun i might even use some ov my own stock thrown in there for good measure and try and get in the comp before the cut ov date when ever that is

Thanks again for ya time guys and im not sure if the thread is in the right place guys feel free to move it if its not
And heres to a good crop one and all

Peace love and guidance