Well, it took us sometime to get this to work but we got it. I've begun retrieving ALL of the pics for the Overgrow GrowFAQ's that had pics. Suprisingly, it is a small percentage of the questions that ever had pics to begin with but the ones that did really needed them. It took me a while to get the pics to appear in the question but I've got it now and it's just a matter of copy and paste from here on.

In light of this news, here is the debut of the first GrowFAQ on here to have it's pictures. I thought that it would be rediculous to start with any other question than Neitzsche's Plant Abuse Chart and Photos! So, without further adu, here is Neitzsche's Plant Abuse Chart and Photos in it's original brilliance! Just click the link below.


Check the GrowFAQ's frequently as I will be added pics to the proper questions over the coming weeks!