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    Thread: TGA13 (Cubing of Apollo13)

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      Default TGA13 (Cubing of Apollo13)

      TGA13 the “Cubing” of Apollo13

      So now that many of you are familiar with our Apollo13 blends and the Sputnik2.0 you didn’t think the party was going to stop there did you? Well.. No Way here we are on a overdue next phase with this fantastic process known as cubing.

      Here is a bit of information on cubing for those who do not know the process.

      Let’s say you germinated a pack of ancient rare seeds and out of the pack you found a incredible knock out female plant you wanted to try and replicate. Suggesting you chose cubing as your method you would want to find an unrelated partner to mate your prized female with. After sucessfully crossing you female with your male you next would grow out and select males for their proper desired traits and breed them to you prized female plant again,this is known as backcrossing. The offspring of your back cross now carries 75% of the prized female traits as to your initial cross that is a 50/50. We simply are repeating this process of making another generation, germinating seeds, selecting out males, then pollinating our prized female and repeating the process.

      First Cross: Mother 50/50 Father

      1st backcross 75/25

      2nd backcross 87.5/12.5

      3rd backcross 93.75/6.25

      Each further generation becomes a higher percentage of parental dominance till reaching a 98+ by approx the 6 backcross. In the end our goal was to increase the dominant role of the mother to display her unique traits in every offspring. When done right cubing and backcrossing can induce some wicked recessive qualities and result in some very potent medicine.

      The key focus when cubing is on your male selection since this is the only control you have to achieve a excellent progeny. A wide selection of males is vital for key elements in this process to a proper choice. Make sure to toss any males that display any unwanted traits immediately. A good eye’s and a sense of smell is very crucial when selecting a male or males to breed with.

      So let’s begin the “Square” of Apollo13 by taking our Sputnik2.0 and doing the second backcross. We will take our A13xA13xBlack Russian and be crossing it back against our Apollo13 mother to complete a the sqaure phase. I have a nice variety of males for this one to chose my desired traits that most resemble mom. The initial cross added the extra vigor and strength the Apollo13 was lacking so we no longer need to worry about those traits. I am looking for strong tangerine/grapefruit Apollo13 traits. At this point in time and have my eyes on 3 and scrapped a few not long after this pic.
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