hello breedbay..im a keen keen grower.i love canabiss.i love growing canabiss.iv very passionant in what i do..iv been cropping every 8 weeks for the past 4 years,i run a very tight opaeration.1veg room and 2 flowering rooms.this way i can flower both rooms and when there down iv got plants to fill both rooms strait away..this way i crop both rooms every 8 weeks..i was going to do a room every 4 weeks but i use advanced nutrients +2 program which has alot of bottles and powders..its much easy to flower both room at the same time and only mix 1 lot of nutrients for the week,i run 2xair cooled shades in room 1 with a sealed room and ecotechnics analyzer and controller with match co2 ppm and nutrient ppm..room 2 has 2xsuper nova air cooled with 6 inch rvk for air in...i was reading that people are testing seeds..whats that all about??