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    Thread: **Your Grand babys** **Wink**

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      grin **Your Grand babys** **Wink**

      Hello everbody!! I told everyone i would be posting some pic's..These are my babys under 1000 watt MH Sunmaster Blue Blub 4100 k ..And are doing wonderful
      Just fed them some Dr.H Big Bud &Tarantula..When they turned 2 weeks old they seemed to like it alot!! I have a total of 27 of these and they all look a little differnt meaning some having their own look...Please feel free to post and let me know what you think of them...

      1. AK-47 - G13 f2
      2. Sensi Star
      3. G13-Butter Scotch Hawaiian f2
      4. Juliet C99-NYCD f2
      5. OG Butter - KUSH
      6. Brazillian Lemon Skunk
      7. Black Head - NL5

      78 degree..55% Humidity Lights running 24/0


      Sun Rayz

      For those who want information read on.
      This will be my first go at using his products.

      About Dr. Hornby TARANTULA

      Tarantula form Advanced Nutrients is a new break through product in soil and hydroponic growing mediums. Tarantula is a bacterial blend of 57 microorganisms, with 1.4 BILLION Colony Forming Units PER GRAM ! This gives Tarantula the highest concentration of microorganisms in the world. This rich blend of microorganisms contains Bacillus, Streptomycetes Actinomycetes, and Psuedomonas for planst growth. This mixture of divers and extremely rich microorganisms forms a symbiotic relationship with the plansts root zone in the rhizsosphere. This produces healthy, strong plants and root systems making the plants able to sustain many different types of stresses produced by the variable of nature.
      Tarantula Technical Info

      We've got Piranhas, and we've got Tarantulas! Advanced Nutrients created our famous Tarantula formula because our scientists said that our other beneficial microbe products, as good as they were, did not have several varieties of beneficial bacteria that would help our your crops

      So we worked hard to make a stable formula containing 57 types of microorganisms that work together to benefit crops in ways that no other product can. Not only is our formula stable, safe, and easy to use, it's also the most potent and well-engineered of its type on the market. Our competitor's products are inferior in potency, type of microorganisms contained, and design.
      The major bacteria in Tarantula include Bacillus, Psuedomonas, Aztobacter, and Streptomyces. In the root zone, these bacteria form a relationship with roots and substances that feed crops, thus increasing nutrient movement into crops and making more nutrients available to roots. Aztobacter converts atmopsheric nitrogen to a form that can be used by roots. Pseudomonas is especially useful because it helps produce natural hormones that stimulate crop growth and also enhances seed germination while resisting "damping off" and other pathogens that plague seeds and seedlings.
      As a foliar spray, Tarantula facilitates plant respiration, energy production, nutrient uptake and pathogen resistance.
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