From time to time we meet up with someone we have known for awhile online. We would like to toke out with everyone but security prevents this. Jill has been chatting with Sticky Lungs for almost 2 years seemed like a very nice dude never pushy and recently he moved west.

We met yesterday and had a mini session of some JTR, Apollo-13 and some Bubblehash.

Rarely does anyone toke out with us and actually bring there own much less some dank looking Purple pot that was manicured to perfection.

Tasty Purple!

Here is our online smoke report.

Nice crumble and inner bud is purple.

Ok this pot taste fucking great. It has a nice clean purple taste to me. Sticky be proud bro many samples come our way only to make the kief pile. But we will be smoking this entire bud. Jill said it taste just like a lavender flower. I don't taste that as much as a very pleasant lets get a few bowls inside. It's good enough I am putting on my favorite toking music Riders on the Storm. Jill says it taste lavender I just taste Purple, yes I know purple isn't a flavor!

Well he offered this clone and being a asshead potsnob I turned it down site unseen, Hey sticky next time we drive your way and yes I want a cutting