Hi guys im currently growing some chronic and some stella blue and sensi star i havnt tryed these strains yet so im unsure ov there performance and habits

Some ov my leaves have turned yellow and r starting to turn up at the tips

On a couple ov my ladies they have curled up at the ends ov the leaves and other leaves have curled from the sides

I thought it was over feed but my nute res is only 1.1. e.c. its only about 1/4 strength ov the tin
So then i thoght burn from lights but they r about 1ft away from the light i have 1 600 watt

But now im leaning to windburn but its only on a couple ov plants and not the ones closest to the fans i have a rvk125 and a rvk150 for intake and exhaust and a 18inch air cirrculating fan

My humidity usaly within the 40% but the last few days have been on 53%

I did have these ladies from cuttings and they was off a freind when i had them they was allready yellow and really small i just got some more off him yesterday and i seen some buds on the young ladies

Will this be a problem or will it just take a couple ov extra weeks revegging they r only 1-2 inch tall if that

Or would i be better starting again with my own stock

But i will prob still keep these revegging any way in my mother room just to learn more