This trick is done with a cold beer mug or other thick glass.
Freeze your glass then bring into a draft free area.
Place glass on a table and then light your joint, bowl, or electric pipe ( best).
"Super charge" ( hippy kiss, power hit, whatever you call it) smoke into the glass slowly.
As you do this you'll notice that the smoke settles down in the glass rather than floating around. This is due to the cold temp inside the glass, causing the smoke particals to condense.
Now slowly pick up the glass ( better to move to it and start that way, kinda like drinking a drink that's over filled) and slowly "drink" (inhale in a drinking fashion) your hit! The effect is totaly cool as the smoke FALLS out of the glass into your mouth. It is cool and you can take way more than you could in a normal way. It looks just like it's flowing out and is a site to see!
Warning this is a Party Starter ( or ender,lol)!
Make sure everyone gets one!
One other thing, "drink" it before the smokes color changes from white to yellow. It's a gagger after that!
Try it, it's a fun way to burn!