I received a request for a strain info thread on Cheba's first project and I have not grown it out myself so I won't call this a detailed report but a Mini.

Mainly I have a data base of picture of the plant grown out by different people. Suny found two very distinct phenotypes one Sativa influenced tall and thin with longer maturity times. The other grow a solid arm of a cola and smelled quite nice when I was visiting Suny's lab.

My take on this strain is it should have been called lemon Flo as basically we added some lemon haze as well as potency to DJ's side cross of his Blueberry. It is very unique and if you like Flo I feel you will enjoy Floater more. I do not feel however it is as good as Soul Cleaner or other TGA crosses so even though it's very unique and has a cool flavor it was a one time experiment. I was always intrigued by the description of flo and I'm glad we ran and played with her.