Here we have Subcools's Resin Mix to play with. A Grab Bag with some Delicious Strains inside. Not knowing which is better and which will give what I'm looking for I opted for the Mix. With this Mix you can't Lose.

Inside the Resin Mix resides the Strains Vortex, Jack The Ripper, and Space Queen f2's. Sounds like fun to me. Here's a break Down of Each.

Jack the Ripper:
Jacks Cleaner P1 X Space Queen
8-10 weeks finisher. Sativa/ Indica 80/20
Lemon mango pine hash/ Taste like lemon hash

A-13 X Space Queen
Finishing in about 55 days, Sativa/ Indica 80/20
Smells like Mango Snapple with lemon/ Taste like sweetened lemonade.

Space Queen f2's:
Romulan/C99 hybrid
Finishing in about 8 weeks.
Lemon, pine, and pineapple Smell and Taste.

So here's the start of another in the rotation. Likely to be something good and Potent. 5/5 Germination, Vigourous out of the shell. Week or so into Veg. Updates weekly..... if your Lucky