Hi im still a novice this is my 3rd grow now but ive had some mums on 24 hr light low light just the 1 envirolite but im going to be changing this to fluros
My first grow wasnt to good the dude never told me my seeds was the outdoor seeds but still came out okish little probs with bud rot

Second was a little better but i broke mebulbs messing about in the small box but came out ok untill after i replaced bulbs
now the third was defo better after learning from the mistakes

Now i got a new grow room in a bigger space about 2.5mx1.5m and 2m heigh

Here is my problem i have only got one 600 watt on a adjusta shade reflector will this be enough light
I have git another light the same but it gets to hot and i dont want 2 buy bigger fans