Intruducing "Metro". A Trainwreck Cross gifted to me by my pal Texas Kid. Here is synapsis from Texas Kid of its Lineage and Origins.

- Trainwreck(f) x Texas Resin Company's Blue13(m)

Background on Trainwreck (female clone) The Trainwreck cut itself is what is commonly referred to as the “Arcata” cut for it's origins in the Arcata, California area of the United States. Highly coveted for its medicinal properties as well as flat out head pounding buzz.

Comments on Trainwreck from the late Dr. Jay - Train Wreck is an old hybrid (1970's) from Humbodlt of lowland Thai, Mexican Sativa, and a very solid and potent Afghani. Train Wreck (TW) is particularly good for the treatment of migraine, pain, and nausea.While TW is thought to be a Sativa dominant (and looks like it) it's actually got quite a bit of Afghan in it making this an extremely potent hybrid. I'm guessing our TW is probably a 65/35 Sativa/Indica. Some caution about Train Wreck....This strain is a creeper, especially when fresh.

Background on the TRC's Blue13 (male) - (Ray Davies X13 clone x Blueberry F3) The Blue13 is a very pretty plant chosen for its sativa heavy mother. She is a vigorous growier with copious amounts of potent sativa dominant resins and a strong berry taste. 8 weeks flowering time. a killer damned near perfect plant, she is awesome eye candy, awesome buds, and great yields, medium sized, and killer, RayDaviesX13 clones were the mum, and the dad is from an F3 if you will of Blueberry.

Here we are after a week or so. Grown with Advanced Nutrients Organic Line.

Thats start of it. Updates will come Weekly........... if I remember.

Here's to you TK Time to show you how it's done.