OK it's time to start my first grow I've got my veg room set up in my closet and just need to do finishing touches to flower room in the basement. I'm going to veg starting with a 125W cfl and when they get some size i'll add a second 125W cfl. For flowering I've got a 250W hps and i think by the time I get there I'll have a second 250 hps. I've got the beans soaking now and when they sink I'll put em in the dirt. I'm going to try cracking 3 of TGA's Pinky, Space Queen, and Jilly Bean each and from a friend I got some dutch passion strawberry cough feminized of witch I'm trying to get one going, and also 2 of Nirvana's White Widow. So as soon as I get going and take the time to take some pictures I'll start a grow journal. Cuz I'm sure I'm going to need lots of help.