If you followed my harvest you know I recently took down a 74 day Apollo-13 Sugar mom that was pollinated but didn't take that well. With all the Amber, Orange and Brown Trichome heads I knew this would make some mean bubble and I was not mistaken.

I used the same method shown in my 101 making Bubble thread stirring my hand with a steel slotted spoon. I am able to work up a good froth this way and using fresh frozen wet sugar leaf I seem to get very little contaminants.

As usual with this hand stir method the 120 looks pretty damn good I have twisted into a few shapes to show off its nice dark rich color. This is the last to dry out and its surprisingly Kick Ass! I crumble it once I am able and once its super dry I place into a glass jar with all the other #3 crumble making a nice stash of not quite primo but still better than anything I have purchased before.

The 25 UI is almost black I assume because the most mature heads shrank and this is where they ended up. ( Small Dark Piece) This is also the first to dry out.