I have started to notice that a lot of our newer members are blatantly posting links to various other sites including other seed and product vendors - this is NOT allowed at BreedBaY.

BreedBaY is here so we can start a quality driven community and all links from this site need to be quality control checked before they are pposted here.. this is not a normal site, we endevour to test out any claims, product or genetic, if the claims ring true we stock or allow the stockist to promote here as long as they submit test seeds or products before hand..

We are working hard to try and make sure all BreedBaY related companies are trading honestly, legally and know what customer service means, if they do not meet all BreedBaY standards they cannot be promoted here..

We test all seeds that are showcased here, it is unfair for the breeders/suppliers that are having to wait for test results to be published before being allowed to promote their gentics/products, if i allow any user to post any link to any company.. this is a long road to a community where all members are 100% assured of quality and service.

Please do not try and get free coverage of your company products or services here without first contributing to the community, i will delete any posts links, inclusing and especially signatures that i have not endorsed..