Okay i just spent all day checking the runoff water of every plant i have and it seems that it is way too low which would explain the yellowing of my older plants and my young seedlings.

I added the water to the soil at a Ph of 6.0 and went as low as 4.5 with the runoff. Does this mean my soils ph is 4.5 or somewhere in between the two?? I seems the RO water is about 1.3-1.6 lower than the water i feed it.

I have seedlings in 16 oz cups that have a run off ph of 4.5-4.7 and im stumped as to how to raise the ph as i cant really add lime to such a small container. Although i can add it to my 5 gallon pots.

My week and half old seelings are looking bad and im lost now.

PS. I have added cal mag to my older plants and they have seemed to improve and look fuller but i still need to added some dolomite lime to the mix.

THanks you guys in advance for any help available.