Well, im finally clearing the TEstlab for the next show, i have finishing off at the minute .. LUI, JTR,CHEESE,CONQUISTADOR,NEON all at week 7 on water now..

Also in veg ready for future runs are

La confidential DNA, Gooey Samui, Blue Cheese, Orange Velvet, Jacks Suprise, & Danny Boy..

Just germinated are

Queijo pure Kush and Trainwreck..

heres some pics..

whole lab shot...

La Confidential seedlings day 24.. slooow but im told well worth the wait..

this is the Koh Samui (gooey Samui) test plants - one of the females... showed sex in 4-5 weeks from seed... promising...

JTR bud wk 6Conquistador wk 6Neon 1Neon fatties hanging... these are from a diff grow finished last week... i will post some pics of the germination of Q's seeds next week...