Hi folks and welcome to another growroom visit!
This is another great growroom owned and run by another of my friends..

The setup:

  • 3x600w HPS lamps in dutch barn shades
  • 1x8" inline Chasol Extraction fan
  • 1x8" Carbon Phatfilter to match
  • 1x6" air intake fan-TD 150/500
  • Thermohumidistat to control enviroment (Temp/R.H)
  • Full range of A.N nutrients
The growroom is built in a loft and is fully insulated to keep the temps inside as consistent as possible. I must say the enviroment felt really comfortable when I was there even right under the lights the temps don't feel hot due to the constant airflow that the extraction/intake fans create.
The whole room has 95% reflective Mylar throughout and there are also 2 10ft boards of correx that run down the length of the plants that have also been neatly covered with Mylar so as NO light gets wasted.. Making such boards is convinient as you can simply wipe down and polish up the Mylar at the end of each grow and then re-mount them.

The Strain being grown here is serious seeds Bubblegum, a favorite for consistency in cash crops. there are 32 of em in there packed in in 6.5L pots of coco coir/perlite 50/50 mix. They get fed via drippers 3 times a day, for 2-5 mins each.

Belive it or not this person had not grown a sausage till 6 months ago, but with help and advice from Pistils and myself he built this great growroom and completed his first crop without a hitch. This is actually the second show he has done in the room, with the first one yielding 50 oz's dry.

well I will be popping back to this place when the babies are ready for the chop, so i'll keep you all updated on it then........

Check out the pics anyways......



Yummy B.G:

Drainage system:

Timers and Ballasts:


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