Hello to everyone.....this forum looks great keep up the good work **BREED BAY**,,,,,well on to another thread....me and buddy of mine got together after not seeing each other for 7 months.He flew down.He was in Cali.........He had some budz he brung with him......man when i tell ya this kinda stuff i never see in my area..I took some of the tiger striped seeds and plant them.....the plants have about 9 leaves total and are 3" tall and stink like shit!!!!!!!! LOL..It kinda smell like skunkish but from such a small plant!!!!! Can somebody give me a little insight on if this..Is it nomal for this to happen?..I think maybe its crossed with something else......This dank was 2 hit wonder and you hit the floor shit total body high was alsome.....Any body that knows about the cali strains out there...Please let me know what i may have please post...
Thanks in advance!