This is for a few members that are having difficulty with our checkout process, i must admit it isnt the most tailorable system and we are upgrading it very soon.. But Till then....

stage 1 is after you have added an item to your basket , by choosing how many you want from the drop down box under the product price, then clicking the Add button.

stage 1

Here you can edit basket contents, update basket after editing , continue shopping or go through checkout to purchase the your goods.

Stage 2
This is where you enter your email if firsttime or confirm details stored if a returning customer, you can request customer number if you know the email address you used.

Stage 3
This is where you can add extra info to the order like request delay in shipping or stock enquiry,.etc

Stage 4
This is the Instructions and confirm your order page before you enter payment details in the next and final stage.

Stage 5 -Final
this is the final stage before the store encrypts your order and sends to us encrypted to be processed. If not using a card >This is where you fill in the name on card field as Sending Cash or Sending Money Order.. (please make MO payable to Cannaseur. sign and address your money order too thankyou.)
simply fill the card number with 000's.
If you are using a card obviously use correct details - please note that if you are ordering with a card you now have to deliver goods to cardholders address, where your card is registered or transaction will fail, postcode and house number must be correct as of 18th march 2006. We No longer accept American Express, we apologise for the inconvenience.