I think one resson we grow in cabs is for stealth. Atleaste taht is why I do. Dont realy want the kids or other family to find the stash..LOL

I would say my cabs are about 80%. I can hear the flower cab if the extraction fan is on(elicent 6") and my veg cab needs alot of work.. I havent sealed it up yet.

For the flower cab I used something simular to a C13 but its just a garage cabinet. The back pannel I caulked to sel it and the doors I used foam weather strip. This works ok but I can see teh weather strip from the outside of the cab. Where the doors butt together. I have been thinking about using that thick black plastic with the zipper kit on the inside of the doors and remove the weather strip. No light would be able to get in or out..

How has yours been done?? What works and what does not?