Thanks for your words of wisdom,gentlemen.Overfeeding....guilty as sin.I had my timers set for 30 minutes 4 times a day.Reduced now to 15 minutes 3 times a day.Sorry for not a better rundown of my set-up.I have 2 stealth sheds under my house.One is 6Hx4Wx7L and divided in half,one section for my EZ-Cloner and a 2x4 tray for veg. with a 400w Hydrolux conversion MH bulb(its a HPS ballast) and i use the drip system to feed.I use Grodan wool cubes(3x4x4).The room is divided by 2 4ml layers of Visqueen and both sides share a Vortex VTX600 6" exhaust fan "T'd" off into 4" tubes.The other half has a 3x3 Ebb & Flow with a 1000w Hortilux HPS(Flower room).Both sides have oscillating fans.My second shed is just flower.Its 7Hx4Wx8L with 2 4x4 trays with Ebb & Flow system into clay pebble and a 1000w Hortilux over each tray.I run 1 Vortex 6" VTX600 exhaust(centerly located up high) with 8 intake vents and 2 Blizzard oscillating fans.Mylar wall-to-wall in all sheds.I have no intake fans installed,hoping the exhaust fans are drawing enough fresh air(seems ok).
You both were deadbang right on the overfeeding AND salt accumilation.We just recently learned of the "flushing" procedure(had been doing none) so we purchased Clearex nutrient/salt leaching solution by Botanicare and will start flushing the ladies every other feeding.We were told common tap water was ok to use but since you recommend PH water,thats how we'll do it.Our city water is really chlorinated,tastes like friggin swimming pool water.It usually tests about 7-8 PH until we run it thru our RO filters.We were seeing the salt on the pebbles but us being greener than our plants...had no clue what it
We're extremely greatful to you both for your input and just in time.The Mazar sprouts we just had pop up will be greatful as well.Due to limited height under the house,we prefer shorter,stout indica that not just couch-locks,but induces a mild coma.
Any other narcotic strains with decent yields(we're moderatly commercial) that you can recommend also greatly appreciated.

Your up-&-coming Noobs,