Hello there, if ANYONE has seen MY USERNAME IN CHAT, it was NOT ME.

somebody has obviously gotten into my account and used it to their advantage.i know who it is,but i cannot prove it just yet. putting names out would just cause more trouble.

ive never gotten into chat,and RARELY post,i prefer to soak up the info here and lay low i love the pictures and knowledge,but its been brought to my attention that folks are chatting with me in the chat room yet i dont recall it.

in fact,up till today,i didnt know there even WAS a chatroom until i was notified by pm from other people about conversations i never even had!!!

to that person who logged in my account,screw you man. you aint NOBODY to trust. and we both know what the fuck is up.(i apologizxe for my coarse language to those that find it disturbing,but how would YOU feel)

please,take note of this.i HAVE NEVER BEEN TO CHAT,ive been laying low as of late until this happened. and am changing my password now. thank you.,good night.