So it's been a long long road to the seeds you see in these pictures, twist and turns in my life have made this a 10 year plus project. To be honest I am lucky to have JC back at all having lost her or had her taken from me 4 times. This time STP was a man of his word and totally returned her to me rooted ready and bug free!

I have been running her this time for close to two years and we now out crossed her to Space dude and now that the JTR has proven to be the best thing I've created yet I think the JTR father I selected that is SQ dominant will do just fine.

Lets look at some Classic JC colas shots but seeded with a new generation.

So these plants were seeded about day 23 and its now day 50. It's going to be a long 2 weeks because these plants are finished but the seeds are not, I can see some almost fully developed but many are still green.